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The most powerful EDI billing solution

MedBatch simplifies the medical billing process and increases accuracy in three simple steps, just: import, review, and submit. It's not uncommon for medical billing to be a full-time job or even multiple full-time positions. With MedBatch, we streamline the billing process by minimizing data entry and presenting claim information in a way that's easy to review before submission.

The result is less clerical errors, improved accuracy, enhanced information security, and a significant savings in time and money!

The MedBatch Advantage

MedBatch empowers you to bill more efficiently and more accurately. Join the hundreds of providers already saving time, decreasing denials, and improving cash flow. On average, our clients see:

0 hrs

Saved Per Week


Saved In Billing Labor

$ 0

Saved Annually§

§ Savings through reduced data entry, less paper, streamlined eligibility checking, and automated posting of payments and denials.

Using MedBatch is easy as 1 - 2 - 3:


Our integrations eliminate the need for manual data entry, saving you time and minimizing denials.

  • Integrates with MAS, LogistiCare, ePaces and more

  • Imports from prior approval rosters, EMRs and Excel spreadsheets

  • Matches prior authorizations to existing claims


Computer-assisted data validation helps you identify common claim errors.

  • You can easily check claim information for accuracy

  • Sort and verify all your claim data in a user-friendly view

  • Fix common errors before you submit & get paid the first time


Submission is just one click - we'll take care of uploading your claims and confirming they were processed.

  • EDI files are seamlessly sent to eMedNY

  • Confirmation that claims were processed

  • Next-day payment and denial information

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