“Switching to MedBatch has made a huge impact on our business. Having the ability to keep billing in house, saved us thousands of dollars in processing fees and a ton of time; this has been the ideal situation for us. The claims validation feature even found some errors that were costing us money that we had earned. Correcting claims and re-billing is easy! Our old software was missing this entirely and we were underbilling! We strongly recommend MedBatch to anyone doing Medicaid claims.”  

Daisy, DV Luxury Group – Bronx, NY  

“I have used this company for over 5 years in the Ambulette industry as well as Taxi. MedBatch is the only way to bill Medicaid all other systems I have used fall short. The pricing is very affordable, we have no issues with price nor service.”  

William, Outsides Car Service – Bronx, NY  

“Buffalo Intelligent Technology Systems, has been providing us with their Medicaid billing software (MedBatch) for the past two years. In all of our 10 years in business, we have never been more satisfied than we have been with BiTS. In our opinion, the system overall has proven to be the best billing software we have ever used, because of the ease of operation, reliability, and service we would highly recommend BiTS as a software provider. We value the product and the service highly.”  

Igor, Buffalo Transportation – Buffalo, NY  

“25 years of business, and we have never been more satisfied using MedBatch. What used to take hours, now only takes minutes. This is the best billing software out there. 3 clicks and you are done!  The staff is wonderful! We highly recommend BiTS!”  

Elona, Abes Taxi – Ellenville, NY  

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