Pricing & Features

Simple and powerful with transparent, all-inclusive pricing

Intelligent Importing

No more keying in all of your claim information. MedBatch can batch import your claims in just a few clicks, saving you time and eliminating clerical errors.

Electronically Posted Remittances And Payments

Tired of searching through remittances to find payments?  Our Electronic Posting will process your remittances and post payments to the proper claim.

Daily Eligibility Reporting and Real Time Checking

Spend a lot of time sifting through denials or reviewing claims? Our eMedNY integration saves you time by providing immediate, real-time Medicaid eligibility responses.  In 1 click you can quickly check the eligibility of a client without ever having to switch screens!

Seamless Batch Submission

Claims are directly submitted to your payer with the click of a button.

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